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RGV-15-Min-Ass-Web-Banner-650Who we are…

Located in the border city of Pharr, Texas and established in 2008, RGV Careers was the vision of educators and entrepreneurs whom have guided this institution’s growth into one of the most sought after vocational schools in the Rio Grande Valley for its A+ grade level education.

RGV Careers exists on the principle that all individuals, regardless of race, age, previous education, or economic background can take advantage of the benefits acquired through Vocational Education.


Our Mission Statement

RGV Careers An Institute for Higher Learning is committed to the intellectual, personal and professional growth of its students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong passion of learning and to empower a diverse population of students in the healthcare field.”

Facts at a glance:

RGV Careers is located in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation.

Often considered a medical “mecca”, the Rio Grande Valley is one of the regions with an increasing number of healthcare patients, and naturally, this community will also need a larger pool of competent and caring healthcare professionals.

This gives our institution a greater advantage in educating those needed in the medical Industry.

Conveniently located, with easy access from the expressway, our institution is proximal to many cities in the Rio Grande Valley allowing our students to travel from other cities with better and faster travel routes.


With over 8,000 square feet in space, RGV Careers has been able to grow into classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology that speeds up the learning process and several full size labs that allow our students to obtain a more realistic medical experience in a classroom setting.


Owl Symbol

By general definition, an owl has been considered throughout history as a representation of knowledge, wisdom, exceptional vision and acute hearing making it a perfect symbol of education for our institution.

From Greek Mythology, to Africa and Australia’s medicine men, and many Native American Tribe Shamans, the owl has been a symbol to be called upon by those trying to heal the ill.

This connection makes our Horned Owl the perfect symbol for our institution.

Emblem, Colors and Symbols

About Our Emblem


Our Emblem

It simply signifies the most important characteristics of our institution.

Every detail, from color to symbols, were created and defined to help our students understand that our dedication to this institution and its careers, promotes positive changes within our school and in the community.

Meaning of Colors


Generosity and Elevation of the Mind




Truth and Loyalty



Meaning of Symbols


Tree of Life


Florence Nightingale Lamp: Reliability, Goodwill, Warmth


Manifestation of Knowledge


Wise and Vigilant

Mascot: Howie the Owl

Because community involvement is important to us, we created a massive campaign to find the perfect name for our mascot. It was important that the name was something children and young adults would relate to since our mascot will visit them often in their schools and community events.

The name “Howie” was chosen from hundreds of submissions made to us from children across the Rio Grande Valley through the Newspapers In Education Campaign created by The Monitor newspaper.


The name was submitted by the following children:

Marco Reyna

2nd Grade
Eisenhower Elementary
Edinburg, Texas

Eric Resendiz

3rd Grade
E.J. Salazar Elementary
Donna, Texas

Mauricio Mata

Memorial Elementary
Weslaco, Texas


RGV Careers promotes philanthropy and civic duty within their student base to strengthen the belief that we must all do something for another to help make our community stronger. By practicing positive changes, whether they are small, like carpooling, to collecting hundreds of pounds of food to feed the needy, we believe that once the seed of good deed is planted, it will grow and give blessing to those around our students’ lives.

Interview With School Director Annabelle Palomo

In this video, the School Director of RGV Careers, Annabelle Palomo, discusses the evolution of the premiere nursing school in the valley, what makes it unique, and what the future of RGV Careers will be…

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